Meet the Feedme Team


Erin Brownback, CSMO

Former communications specialist for start up, tech, non-profit, political, and legal clients.  I have a master’s degree is in Rhetoric and Discourse from Carnegie Mellon University, and a bachelor’s in English and Education from Westminster College.  I’m also slowly working on a PhD in Social Transformation and recently studied at Oxford University. I love adventure, learning and creating things. I love working for Feedme because I feel fully engaged in doing something so many people want and need in the world right now. 

Corey B
Corey Batorski, Director of Operations 
My experience stems from digital media publishing, SEO, recruiting, sales and non-profit work. I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis in Journalism from Grand Canyon University (‘Lopes Up!). I enjoy music, grilling, travel and spending time with family. Feedme is an incredible tool that provides our users absolute control and customization to get and see the content the way they want it… and I’m excited to be part of that.
emily dukek

Emily Dukek, Marketing Associate  

I create web content and keep Feedme current on all social media platforms, as well as create and edit content for our blog and website and implement marketing strategies. I’m a small town Northern-Minnesotan girl, just trying to survive the desert heat. My favorite part about working for Superfeed Technologies is getting to be creative, staying busy, and working with an amazing team!  My favorite hobbies outside of work are spending time with my family, playing with my 4 dogs, hunting, fishing, and shopping. I graduated in May 2019 from Bemidji State University, in Minnesota, with my Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations.

miah valle

Miah Valle, Marketing/Design Associate  

I collaborate with our developers to design app pages that will act as guidelines in the coding process. I work with our Marketing Department to strategize marketing tactics and I implement these tactics through design. My favorite part of working at Feedme is being surrounded with genuine, positive people. One of my favorite activities to do is indoor rock climb and run obstacle course races. I started training and racing in 2017 and I’ve made it apart of who I am! Other things I love to do is play with my dogs and go out to dinner with my friends/family. I also graduated in 2019 from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in Web Design. 


PJ Wycech, Audience Acquisition Manager

Hey Superfeed users, my name is PJ Wycech and I am responsible for advertising and user acquisition. I’m originally from Erie, PA but now reside in Pittsburgh, PA. My favorite part about working for Feedme is the ability to solve, create, and help our company achieve success in the paid advertising world. My favorite hobbies outside of work are traveling, cooking, and working out. I graduated in May of 2016 from Grove City College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance but somehow ended up in marketing. 


Roman Drahan, Front End Lead Developer

I am the lead mobile App developer for Superfeed Technologies. I have experience with NativeScript-Vue.js industry leading in the hybrid mobile development space. I have provided leadership and architectural guidance for our onshore and remote development team members. I have also served as a liaison between the App and Platform development teams. 

Dima Liubko, App / Front End Developer 

Hello everyone!

I like web and mobile development and self education. I have strong knowledge in HTML, Sass, JavaScript, Gulp, Git, and Bootsrap.


Ihor Korotenko, Platform / Back End Developer

I provide leadership and architectural guidance for our onshore and remote development team members. I also serve as the liaison between the App and Platform development teams. I have experience with Azure DevOps and CI/CD.




Alex Dobrelia, Sr. Platform and Back End Developer

I serve as a Sr. Azure Platform developer for Superfeed Technologies. I have experience with Azure PaaS. I work on cloud platform development.  I was given the name “Professor” for my ability train and guide the development team. 


Muddasir Mustafa, Business Analyst

Hello Superfeed users, I am Mudassir and I am a Product Business Analyst. I work with Product owners, Operations, Marketing and Development team. I help the teams in developing/improving processes, product, and user experience. I graduated in 2014 with a double major in Advanced Materials Engineering and Industrial Engineering Management. I have a master’s degree in Agile Project management. I have worked in Oil & Gas, construction and IT sector. My favorite part about working for Superfeed Technologies is to learn new things at such a fast pace and being surrounded by amazing professionals and people. I am a die hard Madridista (iHala Madrid!) since I was 9. I have played football for 14 years and now preparing for Table Tennis Nationals in 2022.

Serhii Didenko, Quality Assurance Engineer 

I help make sure the app is running smoothly, to ensure an enjoyable user experience. My favorite thing about working for Superfeed technologies is getting to be a part of a team that workds to give people back the power to see the news and information they want, and instead of just what an algorithm allows them to see.