Your Personal Superfeed™

Don’t you wish you could sit down after a long day, open up your favorite app, and have all the content you want to see from your favorite sources in one place?

Consider us a genie in a bottle, because we just granted your wish.

Feedme® has created a way for you to see all your favorite sources in one place. No predetermined algorithms, no complicated setups, just the content you want to see.

How to set up your Superfeed

There are many different ways to start creating your Superfeed. To start building your personal Superfeed:

  • Download the Feedme app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Chose a way to set up your account. You can do this by entering your phone number or email, and setting your account up manually. Or, you can chose an easy sign in by logging in with your Facebook or Gmail account.
  • Synch your sources. Add all the sources you already follow to your Feedme Superfeed to continue following them in the app.
  • Search for specific sources. You can search sources by going to “manage sources,” and then by clicking “add a source,” then, by typing the source you’re searching for in the search bar.
  • After this all of your sources will be added to your personal Superfeed.

How to control your Superfeed

If there ends up being sources in your Superfeed that you absolutely love and want to see more of, or if there’s sources you just really don’t like and that you just want to see less of – no worries, we got you covered. Here’s three ways you can control your Superfeed:

  • Uprank. If there’s a source that you love and you want to see more from that source or more things like that, use the small upward arrow icon at the botttom of the post to uprank it, which lets the app know that you want to see more like that.
  • Downrank: If there’s a source or content that you really aren’t liking, click the small downward arrow at the bottom of the post to downrank it, which lets the app know you want to see less content like that.
  • Remove sources. At any point, if you decide you no longer like a source, you can go under the same “manage sources,” tab in the app that you added sources in, and you can remove the sources you no longer want to see content from.

We want you to have complete control over everything you see in the most convenient way possible. No more flipping back and forth between apps and scrolling for hours to find the content you’re looking for. Just the media you want, when you want, how you want.

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