Feedme™ is the Solution to Big Tech Suppression

Remember when you woke up, opened the newspaper and enjoyed your morning coffee. It was such a simple time. You flipped to the sports section and knew you were seeing the same news as everyone on the block. But now those days are gone. Two-thirds of Americans rely on social media to get their news, […]

Feedme™ Wins $100,000 at Pitch Tank Competition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Pitch Tank Winner Overcomes Social Media Frustration LAS VEGAS, NV July 22, 2019 – Last Friday at the annual FreedomFest conference, 2,000 attendees joined with Pitch Tank judges Kevin Herrington (Shark Tank) and John Mackey (Whole Foods) to crown the Feedme mobile app “best in show” and winner of a $100,000 Amazon […]