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Feedme™ Wins $100,000 at Pitch Tank Competition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Pitch Tank Winner Overcomes Social Media Frustration LAS VEGAS, NV July 22, 2019 – Last Friday at the annual FreedomFest conference, 2,000 …

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What users are saying about us

Lov'n this app, local, national news, love that I get Twitter too.

Janet Larson

This app lets you look at the unfiltered news that you actually want to see as opposed to someone else controlling the algorithm for you and manipulating you. I can control the algorithm myself based on my actual interests and what I want to see. Finally!


Very impressed
I have downloaded it before it’s officially finished, but I loved the functionality of the app and how in-sync it is with what I liked. Definitely a must have as far as apps go!

Kat Jordon